The Newest Photo from Stephen King’s It

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Well, friends, the infamous 2016 is finally winding down to a close. The year’s events have scathed many, and for many a reason: discord amidst America’s presidential election, and an alarming rate of celebrity deaths, to name a few. There was one fate, however, that we thought we’d pulled together to escape by year’s end–and that was the clown epidemic. After months of horror, it finally faded–deflating like the balloons with which they came armed. But just as we exhaled a unified sigh of relief, it returned. No, literally–It has returned. Wind up your jack-in-the-box, kids: Stephen King’s harlequin beast will be popping up in the forthcoming year. And we’ve got the newest photo to prove it!

Promotional shots of the classic miniseries’ remake have been floating around (and, given that it is the internet, all the leaked photos float down here). And though sparse thus far, their appearances have been proving more frequent as of late. So now, another image emerges from the depths of the Derry, Maine sewers. Entertainment Weekly brings us Bill Skarsgård (Netflix’s Hemlock Grove, the Divergent series’ Allegiant, and the incredibly well-chiseled new clown of your dreams–er, I mean, nightmares) in the ever-grim guise of Pennywise, the Dancing Clown.

Here, Pennywise peers out at us through the likes of a large gutter pipe. Ah, home sweet home. And though he dwells in this dark, dismal place, it can be discerned that he does not rely on that blackness for startles. Andrés Muschietti–director of both Mama, and the impending incarnation of King’s bigtop tale–makes a strong case in point, in noting that the creature is a performer, in essence. “Pennywise shows up, he’s front and center, and he does his show,” EW quotes him. “He has an act.” And act, he does! Unlike the monster movie masses–be them slasher or supernatural–Pennywise does not feed off jump scares. (He does, albeit, eat fear for lunch–but Pennywise’s taste is not cheap. He’s even upgraded to a more elegant suit!) No need to lie in wait around corners when you can instead steal the spotlight! The showoff holds the power to shape shift, so the art of camouflage would be a shameful waste of a gift–or, to the children of Derry, an evident curse.

After its prior postponement, our patience is about to pay off: the first installment of the It duology will outright freaking traumatize you again on September 8th of next year.

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