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A whole new slate of shows have just been announced from FOX for their fall line-up, and though we lost one horror comedy show with Scream Queens it looks like genre fans who like to laugh will get their fix from the upcoming supernatural shenanigans of GHOSTED.

The series follows Craig Robinson (The OfficeThis Is The End) as a straight-laced former police detective and Adam Scott (Parks And RecreationHellraiser: Bloodlines) as paranormal enthusiast/bookstore clerk who claims his wife was abducted by aliens. Both are forcibly recruited by a mysterious secret agency called The Bureau Underground led by the equally mysterious Captain Lafrey played by ally Walker (Sons Of Anarchy). Their mission, if they choose to accept it… which they must because they’re conscripted… is to investigate the strange and mysterious events in the Los Angeles area. Hilarity ensues.

In the grand tradition of The X-Files, Adam Scott’s character is the supernatural believer while Craig Robinson’s character is the skeptic. Creating conflicts between the two as they attempt to investigate the weirdness happening in the city of angels.

The trailer (Set to The Doors’ Break On Through!) is below for an ecotplasmic sample of what’s to haunt Sunday nights on FOX this fall!