New SAW Gets Shiny New JIGSAW Title And Logo

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If it is Halloween it must be SAW. Remember those awesome days, you guys? For a long while we were pretty lucky. Each year, right around Halloween we were treated to a new chapter in Jigsaw, or a Jigsaw imposter’s, hi-jinx in the form of a new SAW film.

Well, looks like the eighth film in the series, originally titled SAW: LEGACY is now going to be dubbed, a more simple and titular, JIGSAW and it is headed our way with the quickness.

So far, all we know is that this entry takes place a few years after SAW: THE FINAL CHAPTER and stars Laura Vandervoort and Hannah Anderson. This is already some pretty exciting news but perhaps the thing I’m most excited about is the source of the script! Both Pete Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg will pen this one, which is super great since these are the same guys that put together the blast that was PIRANHA 3D and the underrated equally fun SORORITY ROW.


Looks like this one will be hitting theaters October 27, which seems really close considering we haven’t even seen a trailer yet. But with Lionsgate tweeting out the look of the logo design today, I’m going to go ahead and put some dollars on us getting a look at the trailer in July. Fingers crossed.

Who else is excited about seeing ole JIGSAW back on the big screen?

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