New Posters for ‘Suspiria’ Give a Curious Glance at the Cast of Characters

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We keep ticking closer to the November 2 release of Luca Guadagnino’s Suspiria remake, and we’re getting a bit antsy for hints as to what breed of madness we can expect.

Feedback from an early screening of a teaser clip give a vague indication of how dark and brutal the film may be – reports say that it contains “seriously some of the most disturbing body horror”.

Guadagnino has stated that his Suspiria is “less of a remake and more of a homage to the original”, which does imply that audiences shouldn’t expect another tired, bland remake. The Oscar-nominated director could be bringing something very new to the table.

A new series of character posters have arrived in anticipation of the film’s official trailer – which is said to be released some time this week.

Each poster features one of the main characters of the film, looking directly into the camera in a way that almost challenges you to avert your eyes.

The background of each image is also telling; Dakota Johnson as Susie in the ballet studio, Mia Goth as best friend Sara in her private quarters, Renee Soutendijk as Miss Huller in what appears to be a dressing room, and Angela Winkler as Miss Tanner in front of a wild mess of connecting strings that cascade down the wall in a flurry. It brings to mind every stereotypical image of a detective literally trying to connect the dots on a case. So… what does it mean?

Obviously, we don’t know. But keep your eyes peeled for the new trailer.

Suspiria stars Dakota Johnson, Tilda Swinton, Mia Goth, Jessica Harper and Chloe Grace Moretz, with a musical score by Radiohead’s Thom Yorke.

Check out the images below!

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Bonus images!

Tilda Swinton naturally commanding the room as Madame Blanc, and a creepy, claustrophobic hallway that’s reminiscent of Argento’s 1977 original film (with a dark, musty feel – and a much less vibrant color scheme).

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