While never hitting the heights of the Jaws franchise, the Piranha series is another favorite of many horror fans, or at least those who love a good creature feature.

The original 1978 Piranha film was an early effort from Joe Dante (The Howling), while 1981 sequel The Spawning marked the feature directorial debut of James “King of the World” Cameron.


Piranha was remade for TV in 1995 – featuring an early role for Mila Kunis – and then remade theatrically in 2010 by Alexandre Aja, as the uproariously fun Piranha 3D. That then got its own sequel, cheekily subtitled 3DD, in 2012.

Things on the Piranha front have been quiet since, but Dread Central reports that IXFilm Group is presently working on a new Piranha film, entitled Piranha JPN: Summer of the Piranha.

As one might guess by the title, Piranha JPN will be both filmed and set in Japan, and will be produced by Hisako Tsukuba, a producer on all five prior movies.

PJPN is tentatively scheduled for release in 2018, presumably in the summer. However it’s unclear how long it might take to get from Japan over to North American shores.

Concrete story details on PJPN have yet to be released, but iHorror will keep you posted on any further developments. If this turns out even half as fun as Dante’s original Piranha or Aja’s remake, it’ll be one to watch.

Piranha 3D attack scene