The Exorcist is one of last year’s shows that not only had critical success, but fans seemed to rally behind it too. Today revealed some exclusive pictures from the upcoming season just in time for the September 29 premiere.

Executive producer Jeremy Slater said of “Chapter 2″ at this summer’s Comic-Con, “We’re going to see a foster home, a group for troubled kids.”

Sean Crouch, the executive producer added more information on that same panel saying, “Going into this season, the reason we switched it up from an upper-class urban family was to give it a nature look; the blues and greens make it feel more cinematic,” Sean Crouch explained. “It opens the sandbox to play in other types. A lot of Japanese horror is nature-based, and that can influence where we’re going this season.”

To whet your appetite here is a behind the scenes video released only days ago.