'Halloween' (2018) - Blumhouse

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Going into 2018, it’s safe to say that the most anticipated horror film by a majority of genre fans was Blumhouse’s Halloween, a direct sequel to John Carpenter’s classic 1978 original. Critics ended up showering the film with praise, although it’s a bit more divisive among fans.

Whether you loved Halloween (2018) or hated it, one thing that can’t be denied is its incredible financial success. Director David Gordon Green’s film has so far earned a whopping $245 million worldwide, on a budget of only $10 million, making for a massive profit margin.

Halloween (2018) is now the highest-grossing slasher film in history, beating out big players like the Scream franchise, and historic crossover Freddy vs. Jason. A sequel seems inevitable, ensuring that Michael Myers will somehow return to haunt Haddonfield once again.

As those who saw the film will recall, early on, a brief glimpse of Michael’s unmasked face is shown, revealing the eye injury he sustained at the hands of Laurie Strode in the original film. Now, actor James Jude Courtney has shared a close-up, high-res image of unmasked Myers.

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Yikes, now there’s a face only a mother could love, although definitely not a sister. If Michael returns to claim more victims in a sequel, one wonders just how disfigured he’ll look, considering he ended his most recent outing trapped inside a burning building.