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New ‘Pet Sematary’ Image Sends Jud Crandall to Sour Ground

by Michael Carpenter
Pet Sematary Remake - Church The Cat Close-Up

Personally, I don’t really see the need for a Pet Sematary remake. After all, Stephen King himself wrote the screenplay for Mary Lambert’s 1989 adaptation, and it was thus a very faithful version of his classic novel.

Whether I want it to happen or not though, another Pet Sematary movie is coming, but thankfully it’s not looking too bad so far. The trailer was appropriately atmospheric, and the casting decisions so far have been good.

Pet Sematary - Church

In one of the most inspired horror castings in recent memory, national treasure John Lithgow was hired to portray Jud Crandall, Louis Creed’s friendly neighbor that first introduces him to the titular burial ground.

The latest image from the remake (released by Fandango), sees Jud crossing the deadfall that separates the regular pet cemetery from the cursed Micmac burial ground beyond it. One assumes Louis isn’t far behind.

While anyone familiar with Pet Sematary knows Jud’s decision to help Louis resurrect his cat leads to horrors beyond imagination, his heart was certainly in the right place. Still, we all know sometimes dead is better.

On a sidenote, one part of the trailer really annoys me, that being when Jud says “the ground is bad.” As written, the line is “the ground is sour,” and as a King purist, the change bothers me way more than it probably should.

Pet Sematary

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