New NYC Theatre Looks Like Giant Hellraiser Puzzle Box

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New York City is known for many things, and one of them is its often quite unique architecture. Well, in just a few years, NYC is set to play host to a new piece of architectural art, one that looks like it might take an eternity to properly study. Behold, the theatre that looks like a giant Hellraiser puzzle box:

NYC Theatre Hellraiser Puzzle Box

Now granted, that’s just a proof of concept model. The real building – situated within NYC’s World Trade Center Complex – won’t be finished until 2020. Still, it won’t take any Hellraiser fan long to notice that the place looks almost exactly like the series’ famed Lament Configuration. Hat tip to Dread Central for first spotting the similarity. The actual name of the theatre is the Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center, which sadly was not named in tribute to Hellboy actor Ron Perlman.

The building was designed by architect Joshua Prince-Ramus, who is presumably a distant descendant of Lament Configuration creator Philip Lemarchand. Either that or just a really dedicated Hellraiser fan. It’s incredibly hard to believe that his design’s striking resemblance to Clive Barker’s infamous Cenobite summoning device could be purely coincidental. If the owners of the Perelman Center are looking for a slogan, iHorror hereby nominates “We have such plays to show you.” You guys can have that one for free.

Hellraiser Lament Configuration

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