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The majority of horror icons from the 1970s and 80s haven’t exactly been having a great decade so far. Multiple attempts to get a new Friday the 13th made have stalled, and 2010’s Nightmare on Elm Street remake was so poorly received that it seemingly killed the franchise dead.

While a new Halloween is coming in 2018 – and a new Chucky flick hits Blu-Ray in October – those are the exceptions that prove the rule more than anything. Just take Leatherface, whose latest bloody adventure has been sitting on a shelf for two years, only to finally get an official release date in the past couple of days.

nightmare on elm street remake

Well, according to Bloody Disgusting, ANOES’ resident dream stalker Freddy Kreuger might not be as dead as previously thought. They report that New Line is currently developing another Elm Street reboot, this one to be written by David Leslie Johnson, who was recently tapped to pen The Conjuring 3.

This actually isn’t the first time a Johnson-written Elm Street reboot has been reported on, as the project originally came to light back in 2015. That said, nothing has been said since, so most had assumed that things had fallen apart. BD’s report is the first confirmation that a new Elm Street is still in the works.

Should a second ANOES reboot happen, the biggest question is obviously who would play Freddy, as that casting would likely play the biggest role in fans accepting another film without Robert Englund. Jackie Earle Haley was actually a fairly good Freddy in my opinion, but it’s doubtful that he would be asked back.

Oddly enough, Kevin Bacon previously expressed a desire to play Freddy, so maybe New Line will be able to sign him up. Bacon has enough genre cred to help soften the continuing loss of Englund from the franchise. One would hope at least. Stay tuned to iHorror for any further developments.

nightmare on elm street reboot horror movie