Killer Klowns

New ‘Killer Klowns’ Funko POP! Figures Available for Pre-Order Today!

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Funko collectors break out those wallets! You can order three brand new Killer Klowns from Outer Space Funko POP! Vinyl figures today by CLICKING HERE!!

All three figures will be available in May of 2020. The 3 3/4″ figures feature Jumbo, Spike, and Shorty from the 1988 cult classic film which tells the story of a small town invaded by aliens, all of whom look like clowns and use a variety of clown-inspired weapons to kill their victims.

The film starred Grant Cramer (The November Man), Suzanne Snyder (Weird Science), John Allen Nelson (Red Band Society), and a young Christopher Titus years before he would gain fame as a stand-up comedian.

Check out the new Killer Klowns figures below, and get ready to add them to your collection!

Jumbo arrives with a beckoning finger and a mallet not-so-cleverly hidden behind his back! CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

Killer Klowns from Outterspace Jumbo Pop! Vinyl Figure

Balloon animals never look so menacing as when they’re carried by Spike! CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

Killer Klowns from Outterspace Spike Pop! Vinyl Figure

Looks like Shorty is ready to go a few rounds in the ring! Are you? CLICK HERE TO ORDER!!

Killer Klowns from Outterspace Shorty Pop! Vinyl Figure

The three Killer Klowns figures debuted at the London Toy Fair, and they are definitely must-haves for any collectors. Pre-order them today and look for delivery in May of 2020.

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