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Those viral videos of people squeezing all the contents out of a nasty whitehead can now be simulated in a new kid’s toy called Zits (EWWW!) pop n’ play pimples.

That’s right, the bane of teenager’s existence since the invention of school picture day are now available to apply to their faces intentionally.

“Kids have loved anything disgusting since the beginning of time,” says NSI President Frank Landi. “Whoopie cushions date all the way back to medieval times, and plastic poop has been around since the 1950s. Every generation has its own spin on gross toys. We wanted to go where no toy has gone before and still be fun! So, ‘we got Zits!'”

Although the Stan Winston School of Character Arts would probably have some suggestions as far as detail work, these whitehead applications are just icky enough to elicit the intended reaction from young girls all over school.

Where were they when I was a kid?

Practical joke videos get millions of hits these days on YouTube, so this new novelty is sure to become “pop”ular among the kiddies.

“With slime hotter than ever, we thought it was the perfect time to create the ultimate toy mash-up – adding some play compound to the thrill of pimple popping and the satisfaction of popping bubble wrap,” Landi says. “The result is the most disgustingly amazing toy ever.”

Now we just have to wait for the “botfly” version.