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New Jersey Woman is Terrified after Pennywise Lands in Her Back Yard

by Waylon Jordan

A New Jersey woman was terrified when a Pennywise doll landed in the back yard of her home this weekend.

According to the New York Post, Renee Jensen was relaxing by the pool at her home in Harrington Park when the doll flew at an angle into her yard. Pennywise had been painted with fake blood around his mouth and odd symbols had been drawn onto his forehead.

“We were just talking and we looked up and we just saw something fall from the sky on an angle,” Jensen told the Post, “and basically cleared all these trees and went over the top of this gate here and landed.”

Jensen called the police and followed their suggestion to destroy the doll, but setting it on fire was a task in itself as it seemed to be made of some kind of flame-resistant material. She was eventually able to light Pennywise on fire, but even though the doll was destroyed, Jensen was still freaked out by the incident.

Photo by Renee Jensen

In fact, she admitted that she slept with the lights on, her bedroom door locked, and with a knife at her side after the incident, just to be safe.

She says that she and her boyfriend have decided that it was possible the doll had been dropped from a drone, which could account for the speed and angle with which it fell. In any case, the theory has allowed them to sleep at night.

IT: Chapter Two is due out in theaters soon and some have wondered if this could be some kind of publicity stunt? Not likely, considering it only happened to Jensen.

Still, it might not hurt to keep your eyes on the sky and look out for falling Pennywise dolls.

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