New “IT” Trailer is a Terrifying 360-Degree Experience

Timothy RawlesNews1 Comment

Are you as excited about the upcoming “IT” movie as we are? There is a new trailer that has just been released, but there’s an added element: it puts you inside the movie.

Using the immersive technology of virtual reality, this newest preview called FLOAT: A Cinematic VR Experience puts you in the sewers where Pennywise waits to exploit your deepest fears.

So follow the paper boat into the storm drain and meet Pennywise face-to-face in this interactive visit to Derry, Maine.

“IT” starring Bill Skarsgård, based on the novel by Stephen King opens nationwide on September 8.

You can watch the VR trailer either on a headset or other device.

The 360 video is below.

Here is the promo for the 360-degree trailer:

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