What’s worse than having to fight a demonically possessed kid? Going inside that kid’s head and fighting that demon face to face! INCARNATE, the new supernatural thriller from Blumhouse Tilt, revolves around a scientist and exorcist played by Aaron Eckhart who is able to jump inside the subconscious minds of the possessed in order to fight their demons from within and free them from their diabolical control. But at a great, personal risk. His current case proving to be his most dangerous yet when he discovers that this particular demon has powers he has never seen before, and is confronted by horrors from his past…


As seen in previous successes with Insidious, The Conjuring, and Sinister, using high concepts with traditional supernatural tropes make for some terrifying new stories. Especially when particularly threatening and seemingly infernal children are involved as well. And in this brand new clip, see why you should stay out of touching distance, and even sight when confronting a child controlled by pure evil!

INCARNATE  is directed by Brad Peyton of San Andreas, starring Aaron Eckhart and Carice Van Houten, and set to be released on December 2nd 2016. Check out the full trailer below!

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