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It’s been a pretty fun year all around for theatrical horror in 2016, but there’s still one month left to go, and the frights have no intention of taking the holiday season off. Hitting theaters this Friday, December 2nd, is Incarnate, a new supernatural horror film from genre powerhouse Blumhouse Productions.


Produced by Blumhouse alongside WWE Studios, and distributed by the trio of Blumhouse Tilt, High Top Releasing, and Universal Pictures, Incarnate stars Aaron Eckhart (The Dark Knight) as Dr. Seth Ember, an unorthodox exorcist who eschews the usual religious methods in favor of venturing into the possessed victim’s subconscious mind. Seth’s mettle is put to the ultimate test after he agrees to help an 11-year-old boy (Gotham’s David Mazouz), who happens to be possessed by an extremely powerful demon with a connection to the good doctor’s past.

The latest clip from Incarnate is entitled Blue Door, and features one of Ember’s trips inside the mind of Mazouz’s afflicted character. Check it out directly below.

Faced with a multitude of doors, Ember finally finds what he’s looking for behind the titular blue door, only for a brutal demon attack to quickly make him wish he hadn’t. Back in the real world, Ember’s cohorts can do nothing but stand and watch in horror as both Eckhart and Mazouz levitate off the ground. What will happen to them next? You’ll have to go see the movie to find out.

Incarnate is directed by Brad Peyton, helmer of the hit disaster film San Andreas, which starred A-lister Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Ronnie Christensen (Passengers) penned Incarnate’s script. In addition to Eckhart and Mazouz, other notable cast members include Game of Thrones star Carice Van Houten, Fargo’s Keir O’Donnell, and former WWE world champion “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry. Incarnate is but the latest in a long line of terror treats for horror lovers from Blumhouse in 2016, with prior entries including the acclaimed Hush, The Purge: Election Year, and Ouija: Origin of Evil.