[NEW IMAGES] Inbar Lavi Returns as Eve on ‘Lucifer’ Season Five

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Eve, the first lady of Eden and the progenitor of original sin depending upon who you ask, will definitely make an appearance in the final season of Lucifer on Netflix.

Inbar Lavi, who portrayed Eve in the first season, was featured in an exclusive photo on Entertainment Weekly along with the news.

It will be interesting to see just how her return plays out within the grand scheme of the season. When we last saw her, she left to find herself and had broken the heart of everyone’s favorite demonic assassin Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) in the process.

Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) and Eve (Inbar Lavi) were quite the item in season four of Lucifer.

Maze won’t be the only character dealing with heartbreak this season, however. Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) finally admitted her feelings for Lucifer (Tom Ellis) only to have him leave to take back over the throne of hell, and while he certainly didn’t want to go, that doesn’t make the loss any easier.

Netflix is undoubtedly setting the stage for one hell of a final season with God finally set to make an appearance and a set-up for a musical episode that will feature Debbie Gibson as a guest star.

Take a gander at that new image with Eve looking all seductive in red below!

Will God reign in his errant sons? Will Eve and Maze have one more final fling? Will Lucifer leave Hell for Chloe? Who knows! But you can bet we’ll be watching when it returns to Netflix this year.

‘Lucifer’ Adds God to the Cast List for Final Season

Fans of Lucifer, prepare yourself. God will finally make his presence known in the final season of the popular series on Netflix.

Entertainment Weekly announced this morning that Dennis Haysbert (Far From Heaven), will join the cast as Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Amenadiel’s (D.B. Woodside) dear old dad, the creator of the universe, and the all-powerful being that Lucifer has blamed for all his ills since season one.

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