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New Image of Michael Myers In ‘Halloween Kills’ Looks Familiar

by Trey Hilburn III
Halloween Kills

The Shape is bound to return someday. Although it’s a true bummer that Halloween Kills should be a thing we enjoyed a lot sooner than later, at least we will eventually see it. In the latest image shared by Total Film, Michael Myers is taking a very familiar pose at the top of a familiar staircase.

There had been rumors going around that said that there would be scenes filmed in the Myers house, and maybe that is what we are looking at here. Halloween 2018 sure did like to play faithful to the original film, going all out on the minutia. They even made sure to put a hole in Michael’s mask where Jamie had stabbed him with a coat hanger. So, for them to go out and keep things super accurate with the actual Myer’s house wouldn’t come as a surprise.

John Carpenter gave the film some really good ratings last year going on record t say,“It’s the quintessential slasher film…It is so intense…oh my god…it even stuns me how incredible it is. David just did a great job. Can’t wait to have you see it.”

Those are high marks coming from Carpenter. Usually he remains pretty buttoned up about these sorts of things. But, hearing him sound like  an actual fan of the work that Blumhouse is doing on Halloween Kills is exciting.

What do you guys think about the new image? Think its the Myers house or just a regular ole staircase? In any case, it’s cool that they paid homage to the pose.

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