New Image from KONG: SKULL ISLAND Gives First Look at Kong!

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On March 10th, 2017, Kong: Skull Island will be unleashed. And March cannot come soon enough.

While everything we’ve seen of the movie so far has been giving us silhouettes and hints of the iconic beast, we’ve yet to see him in full view yet. However, thanks to EW, we’ve gotten a brand new mug shot!

This is very exciting stuff. According to an interview with director Jordan Vogt-Roberts on the same article, Kong will be walking on his hind legs, much like in the original films. He seems bigger and more natural – his hair is brown instead of the black hair shown in Peter Jackson’s remake. Personally, I’m looking forward to what seems like a true return to form for the beast. From the interview:

We sort of went back to the 1933 version in the sense that he’s a bipedal creature that walks in an upright position, as opposed to the anthropomorphic, anatomically correct silverback gorilla that walks on all fours. Our Kong was intended to say, like, this isn’t just a big gorilla or a big monkey. This is something that is its own species. It has its own set of rules, so we can do what we want and we really wanted to pay homage to what came before…and yet do something completely different.

There’s subtle nods. [The ’33 film] was black and white, so it’s really easy to assume that the fur on the monkey is black, but there’s actually a lot of forums and things that you read and there’s some real poster artwork where Kong’s fur skews more brownish, so we actually pushed his fur in more of a brown as opposed to the traditional black. It really was trying to create this feeling so that when these humans look up at him, they hopefully have a visceral response, saying to themselves, ‘That’s a God, I’m looking at a God.’

Watch a teaser trailer for the film below, and be sure to check out some other 2017 movies that we’re excited for right here on iHorror!

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