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All the New Horror on Netflix Coming in August 2020

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Every month we hope the streaming gods give us greatness, and every month we get a little taste of something awesome. The August 2020 lineup of new horror on Netflix holds true to this rule. In fact, the streaming giant is adding a list that might be more impressive than their typical monthly fare – depending on your definition of “impressive.” Check out all the new horror movies they’re offering – along with a few trailers – in the sections below.

New Horror on Netflix – August 2020

While they’ve typically got some great original content, only one new horror on Netflix in August 2020 falls in the “exclusive” movie category. They’ve still got some great films hitting the service – both classics and new – that will undoubtedly hold you over until your favorite shows come back out.

And yes, I’m very sorry for including Scary Movie 5. It just had to be done.


Available August 1:

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park III

The Lost World: Jurassic Park

The Addams Family (1991)

Available August 8:

We Summon the Darkness


Available August 10:


Available August 12:

Scary Movie 5

Available August 14:

Project Power – Netflix Original


Available August 23:



If your idea of great new horror on Netflix falls into the episodic category, you’re in luck thanks to two popular shows exclusive to the streaming service returning with new seasons. Now, to watch them all in one day or space them out. Decisions, decisions. If you’re new to these shows or haven’t been keeping up, I snagged a couple of trailers for you too!

Available August 6:

The Rain (Season 3) Netflix Original

Available August 21:

Lucifer (Season 5) Netflix Original

Enjoy Your August!

We’re all having a pretty scary year so far, but feel free to zone out for a while and enjoy the new horror on Netflix in August 2020. It might be a slow start to the month – especially if you’re not feeling up to watching dinosaurs or Wednesday Addams (if not, what’s wrong with you?) – but once Week 2 hits, it’s all uphill.

Or downhill. Whichever one means good. Let us know what you think about the lineup in the comments!


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