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A New Horror Bar Has Opened in Denver, and We Really Want to Go

by Kelly McNeely
Horror Bar

Alright, so, COVID-19 continues to be the worst, right? Right. Case in point, there’s a fantastically spooky new horror themed bar in Denver, Colorado, and I desperately wish I could cross the border to check it out (dangit, Canada). May I introduce you to Horror Bar, the bar that is… well… exactly what it sounds like.

Photos by Kori Hazel via 303 Magazine

As highlighted by 303 Magazine, Horror Bar hosts not only a collection of specialty horror-themed cocktails (including the pear and lingonberry lemonade May Queen, the tequila and agave Titty Twister, and the bourbon-based Be My Victim), but they also host regularly scheduled movie nights and trivia nights, which you can find out about on their Instagram and Facebook pages.

303 Magazine tells us that Nathan Szklarski had the idea to create a horror-themed bar after COVID-19 struck and his career as a bartender took a hit. His friend Josh Schmitz — who owns the old Bellwether Cafe — offered to host Horror Bar as a pop-up in November, but when it took off in popularity, Szlarski decided to make it a permanent fixture. The bar has been gaining traction from every demographic and often reaches COVID capacity during weekend and peak hours.

Photos by Kori Hazel via 303 Magazine

There’s something purely magical about a hangout space that caters to the strange and unusual. For those of us who are the weirdos, mister, it seems like a great place to be that — having been created during COVID-19 — has figured out how to make it all work safely.

If you’re not in the Denver area but are still looking for some places to eat, drink, and be scary, you can investigate the following haunts:

Cocktails and Screams – Orlando, Florida (on Instagram)

The Craft & Cork – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (on Instagram)

The Monster Club – Omaha, Nebraska (on Instagram)

Deadly Grounds Cafe – Courtice, Ontario, Canada (on Instagram) — you can also order their specialty coffee online… it’s straight up delicious

Beetle House – New York, New York (on Instagram)

Drop by the comments, let us know if you’ve got a favorite scary spot!

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