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New Hellboy Movie To Be More Horror, Less Superhero

by Paul Aloisio

Neil Marshall (The Descentwill be releasing his new Hellboy movie on January 11, 2019, and those who don’t like superhero movies will be pleased. Character creator Mike Mignola says it won’t be one – it’ll play up the horror elements instead.

This will be in contrast will Guillermo Del Toro’s two adaptations, as the new film will be rated R as opposed to Del Toro’s relatively tame PG-13 action flick. Mignola elaborated during an interview with io9:

“…We’re trying to do something very different. Basically, there’s no part of Hellboy that was ever going to be like other superhero movies. And the more Marvel stuff there is, the more DC stuff there is, Hellboy never really feels like—even in the [Guillermo] del Toro things—a superhero movie. It’s so much “big teams of guys, in costumes, running around and saving the world from big cosmic menace stuff…” I believe the new movie will feel even less like a regular superhero thing. The idea with this one was to make it play much less like a superhero film, to downplay the superhero elements even more than del Toro did. This one is much more folklore/mythology/horror, and not “big team rushing into to do battle with whatever kind of stuff.”

While not many would claim that Del Toro’s films were atrocities for the character of Hellboy, they certainly did not contain much horror. It’ll be interesting to see a change of pace for the films.

And the inclusion of Stranger Things’ David Harbour doesn’t hurt much, either.

The actor seems genuinely interested in his role as well. From the same conversation:

“It was really interesting with David, because we met very briefly for 20 minutes when he was in town. Then he would text me questions periodically with questions, like, “Are there any animals you thought of in the way Hellboy moves?” And we were texting back and forth one night a lot about crazy stuff like that, and I finally said, “Dude, I am tired of typing, just call me.” We must have had this two-hour conversation where we got into the way I grew up, what my brothers were like, and all this stuff that fed into what Hellboy is. The attitudes, the characters, and stuff like that… and hopefully it didn’t fuck things up, because it was way more information and backstory to the creative process than anyone would ever need. But it did make for an interesting, long phone call. And I know David has his own ideas about how to interpret the character, but it was really nice that we had this one, really long conversation about where this stuff came from.”

Stay on the lookout for more news as the film nears its release date.

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