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New ‘Haunted Mansion’ Live-Action Film Coming From Disney

by Timothy Rawles

One of, if not the most, iconic dark rides in theme park history is getting a feature adaptation. Again.

This Haunted Mansion reboot will use the writing talents of Katie Dippold who penned the recent Ghostbusters movie and 2013’s  The Heat.

As for producers, Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich, the duo behind the recent Aladdin live-action musical opus, are on board the production doom buggy.

Sadly, the version Guillermo del Toro recently had in mind for a film may have been too intense for the House of Mouse and has been scrapped. Look below to find out the rumored concept of the Hatbox Ghost in Del Toro’s vision.


Of course, that probably would have been much better than the Eddie Murphy version which premiered in 2003. Even Madame Leota couldn’t have predicted how bad that was going to be.

The trick with the Haunted Mansion is that it needs to be fun and scary. Hopefully, Dippold’s script and an as-yet named director can finally do cinematic justice to the iconic ride.

Eddie Murphy "Haunted Mansion"

Eddie Murphy “Haunted Mansion”

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