Can you smell that exquisite aroma in the air? No, it’s not a freshly cooked Hot Pocket, that scent happens to be the latest dish being whipped up by everyone’s favorite murderous celebrity chef Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Sadly, we won’t get to sample Hannibal’s newest creation for about five more weeks still, but NBC has seen fit to tease our pallets with some simple, yet stylish new poster art for the good doctor’s upcoming third season. Check it out below.

Hannibal S3 - Savor the Hunt

The “savor the hunt” tagline is actually somewhat of a double meaning this time out, as while Hannibal will no doubt hunt a new batch of victims over the course of his third season, he’s also now on the lamb and being hunted by Will Graham, Jack Crawford, Alana Bloom and the rest of the FBI. Well, that’s assuming that all three of those characters indeed survived Hannibal’s blood drenched assault in the season two finale.

Hannibal season three premieres Thursday, June 4th at 10pm on NBC. Its new lead-in, David Duchovny-fronted Charles Manson drama Aquarius, premieres with a two-hour debut the week before. iHorror readers are strongly advised to check out both series, but if you only watch one horror-based program this summer, make it Hannibal. We didn’t call it our favorite show of 2014 for nothing.

Hannibal and Will Graham