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via Grandin Road

Look, no matter how much my Summer-loving friends will argue with me, Fall is clearly the best season of the year. You get to finally wear layers again (sweaters and leather jackets for days!), the hot weather melts away, the trees change their color as the leaves slowly die (which is metal as Hell), Pumpkin Spice everything (it’s delicious and you know it), and it’s all one big countdown to Halloween. Undeniably the best holiday. We all know that Halloween decor is versatile and can easily stay up all year round, so here’s a list of some great new options that are now available in stores. I’m sorry in advance because your wallet will be screaming.

Howling Wolf Rug from World Market

This sensor-activated rug lets out a “beastly howl” when stepped on and the eyes light up red. I need this so badly that it physically pains me.

Skeleton Wine Glasses from Pottery Barn

I’m particularly fond of the glass that features a skeleton precariously balancing my beverage on his head. He’s dedicated to getting me drunk and I really appreciate that.

Creepy Hands with Lanterns from Grandin Road

This set comes with two hands (one left and one right, naturally) that can be hung on a wall or set upright on a table.

Lit Beverage Dispenser from Target

This beverage dispenser lights up with an eerie green glow, ensuring that your next party is lit. Puns! I’m sorry. (I’m not sorry).

Walking Dead Condiment Set from Pottery Barn

Each skeleton set is sold separately, so you can get the single condiment server or the serving bowl. Because sometimes you’ve gotta get a bit fancier than ramekins and ice buckets.

Embroidered Home Sweet Home Coffin Pillow from Pier One

Because your home decor should always remind you that life is temporary and one day we’ll all be dead. Also it would look really cute on your couch.

Dangling Skeletons Halloween String Lights from World Market

Much better than the usual boring bulbs, am I right?

Spirit Board Mat from Grandin Road

It says Hello as you walk in, and Goodbye as you leave! Clever.

Sorceress Skull Framed Mirror from Grandin Road

This stunningly opulent decor from Grandin Road will only set you back $500! It’s on sale! Don’t have a spare $500? Me neither! Let’s go back to Target.

Monsterville Halloween Animated Cloche from Target

I love a good cloche (because I’m pretentious sometimes) so these animated scenes from Frankenstein caught my eye. One shows the monster with his beloved bride, the other brings the burning windmill scene to life in miniature decorative form.

Zombie Hands Pillow from Pier One

This actually looks very soft. I’m on board with this.

Hand Votive Candle Holder from Target

If you’re a fan of The Addams Family, this should be the perfect addition to your home. Let Thing provide a little mood lighting for your next romantic dinner.

Sketched Skull Serving Plates from Grandin Road

Speaking of dinner, these feature a beautiful sketch design of skulls and roses. Spooky enough for your home, but classy enough to impress your guests.

Full of Boos Decanter from Target

You know how much I love a good pun. And alcohol! Win-win.


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