Halloween may be months away, for fanatics like us, now is the time to start planning decorations for your parties and home haunts, including animatronic props. Soon, seasonal Halloween stores will be popping up in malls and shopping plazas across the country.

New Animatronics for 2017

Spirit Halloween has unveiled its new animatronics for 2017, which are now available for pre-order online. Each new product includes a video.

Sitting Scare Clown

This clown looks like he’s asleep with a candy basket in his lap. Look what happens when trick-or-treaters reach for the candy!

Fenced in Hi-Voltage Zombie

The electric fence zaps the bloodthirsty ghoul with thousands of volts, but will it be enough to contain him? Put this at the end of your chain-link fence or build a makeshift containment unit around it.

Fogging Basement Doors

Something is trying to get out of the basement! Pair this prop with a fog machine for a creepy effect.

Limb Ripper

He howls, he snarls, and his eyes glow yellow. Set this guy up behind your “Beware of dog” sign.

If any of these get your creative juices flowing, pre-order now, or keep your eyes peeled for stores, which will be opening soon!

Image source: Spirit Halloween