New Friday the 13th Eyes ‘V/H/S’ Director David Bruckner

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Friday the 13th

We found out from TheWrap that horror genre veteran David Bruckner, who wrote and directed the “Amateur Night” segment of “V/H/S,” is in negotiations to direct the “Friday the 13th” reboot for Paramount and Platinum Dunes.

The idea of the production company courting David Bruckner for Director lends some truth to the rumors that this new reboot will have a “found footage” feel to it.  David’s “V/H/S” segment “Amateur Night” follows three guys who bring a mysterious girl back to their motel room, where terror strikes – all while utilizing the “found footage” style of filming.

The reboot is reported to be releasing on Friday, March 13, 2015.  We also reported here on iHorror that the writers of the 2009 reboot of Friday the 13th have pitched a brand new horror franchise being picked up by Newline.  More info on that story here.