Pet Sematary

New Fan Video Compares ‘Pet Sematary’ Remake Trailer to 1989 Film

Michael CarpenterMovie News2 Comments

Rock band The Ramones may not have wanted to be buried in a Pet Sematary and live their lives again, but when it comes to the works of Stephen King, Hollywood is quite fond of resurrecting old stories and giving them new lives. The latest on that list is Pet Sematary.

IT of course got a theatrical remake last year, which proceeded to make roughly all of the money. Next year sees Pet Sematary get a redo, while IT will get a sequel. The Stand is also poised to get remade as a limited TV series, which The Mist previously was in 2017.

Pet Sematary’s remake recently received its first trailer, and for the most part, the reaction was positive. Of course, some also pointed out that it looks really close to the 1989 original movie. Thanks to the below fan video by Matt Skuta, that similarity is even more apparent.

Now, the fact that Pet Sematary (2019) looks similar to the 1989 film isn’t an indictment. After all, they’re based on the same book, and Stephen King himself actually wrote the script for the prior movie. Still, one wonders what unexpected twists the remake might be hiding.

Personally, I’m all for another take on Pet Sematary. The book is amazing, and as widely beloved as the 1989 adaptation is, it’s far from perfect. Most of the acting isn’t exactly Oscar-worthy, and a lot of the effects don’t hold up. Here’s hoping the remake can do better.

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