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New ‘Extreme Ghostbusters’ Full Episodes Begin Streaming Wednesdays

by Trey Hilburn III

Saturday saw the return of The Real Ghostbusters on Saturday morning cartoons. From now on, every Saturday you can watch new episodes of The Real Ghostbusters. In addition you can also watch episodes of the classic series Extreme Ghostbusters every Wednesday via Ghostbuster’s YouTube channel.

In anticipation of Ghostbusters: Afterlife, YouTube’s Ghosbusters account will be peppering in some new Ghostbuster episodes weekly. You can check out the Extreme Ghostbusters intro below followed by new episodes of the series every Wednesday.

More Ghostbuster goodness for your week is always a good thing and from now on you will have classic episodes of both series airing on Wednesday and Saturday. Be sure to shop for cereal accordingly. For good measure we went ahead and shared the first episode of The Real Ghostbusters below.

The synopsis for Extreme Ghostbusters goes like this:

“Set years after the end of The Real Ghostbusters, lack of supernatural activity has put the Ghostbusters out of business. Each member has gone their separate way, except for Dr. Egon Spengler, who still lives in the firehouse to monitor the containment unit, take care of Slimer, further his studies and teach a class on the paranormal at a local college. When ghosts start to reappear, Egon is forced to recruit his lone four students as the new Ghostbusters. These are Kylie Griffin, a goth girl genius and expert on the occult; Eduardo Rivera, a cynical Latino slacker; Garrett Miller, a young white paraplegic athlete who uses a wheelchair; and Roland Jackson, a studious African-American machinery whiz. Filling the cast are Janine Melnitz, the Ghostbusters’ previous secretary who returns to the job, and Slimer, a hungry ghost.”

What is your cereal of choice to pair with Ghostbusters cartoons? Let us know in the comments section?

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