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Jason Voorhees

Last month, we reported on the development of a new Friday the 13th TV series. Unlike the late 80’s syndicated show Friday The 13th: The Series, this new venture will take place at Crystal Lake, and place Jason and Pamela Voorhees front and center. Bloody Disgusting just revealed some new preliminary details on the series, via an interview with franchise creator Sean Cunningham. Presented below are some of the highlights.

The original report was a tad confusing, saying that Jason would be re-imagined in multiple time periods. Cunningham didn’t go far towards clarifying things on that end, although we do now know that Jason and Pamela’s story will be presented in flashbacks, while a concurrent Jason tale takes place in present day Crystal Lake. Jason’s rampages won’t just happen on or around the titular day either. Jason in the winter time? It could happen.

In what is sure to raise the eyebrows of many an F13 fan, Cunningham was coy when asked about Jason’s nemesis Tommy Jarvis, answering simply “I’m sorry. Who? Stay tuned.” Fans have long wondered the fate of the Tommy Jarvis character, who killed Jason as a child, only to accidentally resurrect him as an adult. The Return of the Living Dead‘s Thom Matthews is the most recent actor to portray Tommy to date.

Jason Voorhees 2

When asked about which incarnations of Jason the TV series will present (ie: potato sack head, hockey mask, uber, etc.), Cunningham again played frustratingly vague, but assures us that Jason’s look is being handled by a top notch special effects team, and considerations are being given as to how aged (or not) our favorite masked marauder should appear in both present and past set sequences.

Cunningham stopped short of saying that the TV series will be considered official canon, but made a point to mention that the existing continuity will not be ignored. One idea the writing staff is apparently floating around concerns spotlighting Jason’s father Elias, who was originally intended to appear at the end of Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives. Elias’ past and relationship to Jason is another story thread fans have long pondered.

Finally, if nothing else, Cunningham assures us that yes, there will be blood. Citing envelope pushing shows like Hannibal and The Walking Dead, Cunningham feels that the TV violence climate is finally advanced enough to accommodate the level of gore demanded by a Friday the 13th series.

Will you be tuning in to see Jason take television?