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Celebrate 35 Years of ‘Creepshow’ With These Fright-Rags Shirts

by Mike Joyce
Fright-Rags shirts

George A. Romero and Stephen King’s 1982 “Creepshow” is one of the greatest horror anthologies of all time, and on Nov. 12 it turns 35. In honor of the occasion, Fright-Rags will release eight new t-shirts inspired by Romero’s classic film. The Fright-Rags shirts are based on designs from all five of the movie’s segments.

Here are a few of the “Creepshow” t-shirt designs:

Fright-Rags shirts

The gang’s all here!

Fright-Rags shirts

OK OK, here’s your cake already!

I haven’t actually watched “Creepshow” in a while, but these Fright-Rags shirts have definitely got me in the mood. The image Nathan Grantham crawling out of his grave in “Father’s Day” really stuck with me as a kid. Overall though, my favorite segment is “The Create.” I just love the idea of that yeti-like creature chilling in a crate for 150 years, waiting for someone to let him out.

The t-shirts are pre-shrunk, and 100 percent cotton. Visit Fright-Rags to see the rest of the shirts. In addition to t-shirts, the new designs are also available on baseball tees and zippered hoodies. The new shirts are ready to order now, so get yours to celebrate “Creepshow’s” anniversary!

Image source: Fright-Rags

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