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With a movie that’s supposed to premiere this summer, the folks over at Child’s Play reboot central are certainly taking their time to release any tangible evidence of the killer on film, especially of his face.

Although a recent teaser trailer (see below) appears to have given us some proof that at least some of his scenes will be practical, the one-sheets for the film have only been illustrations suggesting perhaps CGI.

That’s not a deal-breaker. Speilberg was the master of the long-tease creature reveal (Gremlins, Jaws) and it paid off in the end so there might be a pleasant FX surprise when the movie finally hits theaters on June 21.

Meanwhile, we just received another poster which features the Buddi, nee Good Guy, doll in all his possessed red-haired glory, and again it’s hand-drawn.

There’s a new trailer dropping on Thursday. Maybe that will give us a more detailed look at Buddi, but I wouldn’t count on it.

What they might include however is a sound byte from Mark Hamill who will be taking over Brad Dourif’s legendary voice-over work as Chucky in all of the originals.

Stay tuned.

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