New Book Tells History of Universal Orlando’s JAWS Ride

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One of the most fun experiences of my life was going to Universal Orlando many years back with my dad, when the iconic Jaws ride was still in operation. Now that it’s gone, I look back on that memory with even more fondness, though I am truly sad for those who never got to experience it.

The Jaws ride, which literally put park visitors inside of Steven Spielberg’s terrifying shark movie, was shut down back in 2012, and a Harry Potter-themed attraction now stands in its place. The history of the ride was a troubled one, to say the least, plagued by technical problems since the launch in 1990.

In its 22 years, the Jaws ride thrilled millions of park-goers, and to say it’s one of the most beloved theme park attractions of all time would not be an overstatement. In tribute to the ride, which is gone but never forgotten, a man by the name of Mick Jones has taken it upon himself to recount the history.

Jaws ride book

Just released last week, Amity 6 to Base: A Jaws Ride History (aka The Sharks Are Not Working) is the first ever book written about Universal Studios Orlando’s Jaws ride, beginning with its troublesome debut in 1990 and concluding with its unfortunate closure in 2012.

Packed with rare images and insider trivia, Amity 6 to Base dishes details on everything from the ride story to the mechanical sharks to the Skippers that manned the attraction.

To learn about the head, the tail, the whole damn thing, head over to Amazon to order your copy of Amity 6 to Base: A Jaws Ride History!


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