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While American Horror Story has always loved trying to keep fans in the dark for as long as possible concerning aspects of upcoming seasons, this year has seen the FX anthology drama take that tradition to new heights. What seems like dozens of promos for the oddly dubbed ?6 have been released over the last month, with none of the clips seemingly having any connection to the others.

Things were only compounded further with FX executive John Landgraf’s recent admission that most of the promos are simply misdirects, intended to throw fans off the scent of what American Horror Story season 6 is truly about. Is this latest entry in the AHS promo onslaught one of the truthful ones, or simply another red herring? That’s up to you to decide, but either way, it’s super freaking creepy. Check it out below.

Brrrr. Of all the places to have a spider crawl out of, one’s mouth has to be at or near the top of the list. Those with arachnophobia can now feel free to stop hyperventilating and calm down. It’s only a video. The giant spider standing behind you is the real one.

All kidding aside, the above promo calls back to a recent poster for AHS season 6, which featured spiders crawling out of a woman’s eye sockets. Of course, whether either piece of spidery promo material actually means anything of consequence about the new season remains anyone’s guess. Still, trying to figure things out is almost like a fun horror-filled scavenger hunt, and it’s an interesting activity, if nothing else.

American Horror Story season 6 spider poster