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New ‘Aliens’ Game in the Works from Fox

by Shaun Horton

Games based on the Aliens universe seem to be hit or miss. Four years ago we got the bulls-eye that was Alien: Isolation, and before that was the miss that was Colonial Marines.

This week, Fox Entertainment announced the purchase of Cold Iron Studios to work on a new video game set in the Aliens Universe.

Cold Iron Studios is known for their work for Perfect World Entertainment, which focuses on MMORPG’s like Neverwinter and Star Trek Online. Members of their team have also worked on such hit games as Metroid Prime 3 and Bioshock Infinite.

The news of the next game being a shooter may put some gamers on edge, considering the franchise’s history, and many were hoping for a sequel to the terrifying hit that was Alien: Isolation.

Image courtesy of flickr.com

President of studios at FoxNext Games, Aaron Loeb said in a press release “Cold Iron Studios has amazing design, craftsmanship and development talent that we are excited to welcome at FoxNext Games as we pursue our goal to build a multi-platform, multi-genre portfolio of great games. I am a personal fan of Cold Iron’s previous work and all of us at FoxNext Games are thrilled to be working with them as they create an action-packed persistent world, steeped in the mysteries of this beloved Alien universe.”

The plan is to release the game for PC and some as-yet unnamed consoles, but we’re still far off from seeing anything concrete, or even from guessing about a release date.

In the meantime, FoxNext Games is planning to release a free-to-play mobile RPG in the Marvel universe titled Marvel Strike Force as their debut game in early 2018. While not a horror setting, or as in-depth as a PC game, we might be able to get a feel for the quality FoxNext Games is reaching for.

Here’s hoping it sets gamers’ minds at ease.

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