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Neve Campbell Doesn’t Think There Will Ever Be a ‘Scream 5’

by Michael Carpenter

Movies like Candyman, Event Horizon, In the Mouth of Madness, and Wes Craven’s New Nightmare provide stiff competition, but if I had to pick my favorite horror film of the 90s, it would probably be 1996’s teen slasher masterpiece Scream.

By 1996, the slasher subgenre was on its last legs, but then legendary director Wes Craven came along to give it a shot in the arm, or in this case a stab in the chest. Scream was a critical and commercial hit, spawning three sequels, and a recent (unrelated) MTV TV series.

Craven originally wanted to make a Scream 5 not long after Scream 4 came out in 2011, but unfortunately that sequel’s not-so-great box office effectively stalled that dream. So, will there ever be a Scream 5? Probably not, according to franchise star Neve Campbell.

When asked about the prospect of returning to Scream during a recent interview with Kinowetter, Campbell was quite upfront about her belief that another sequel will never happen, for one simple reason: Wes Craven isn’t around to direct it.

Craven of course tragically died of brain cancer in 2015, and without him at the helm, Campbell can’t envision Scream 5 ever being made, at least not with the original cast and creators involved. Sadly, the story of Woodsboro’s trinity of survivors is likely done for good.

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