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Nevada’s Infamous Clown Motel has Spawned Its First Movie

by Waylon Jordan
Clown Motel Tonopah

I suppose it was inevitable that the infamous Clown Motel of Tonopah, Nevada was bound to spawn a movie.

It’s creepy enough to find a motel in the middle of the desert that is filled to the brim with clown memorabilia, but when you consider it also sits across the road from an isolated cemetery…well, we’re not sure why it took so long for this to happen.

Clown Motel is headed direct-to-video on June 4, 2019 according to Dread Central, and it appears to have taken everything about the location and turned it up to 11.

Listed as Clown Motel: Spirits Arise on IMDb, the film stars Tony Moran, who was the un-masked Michael Myers in Halloween 1978, and Ari Lehman who played Jason Voorhees as a child in the first Friday the 13th film. It was written and directed by Joseph Kelly (Bloody Island).

Clown Motel Poster

The film centers on two groups: a pack of ghost hunters and the members of a bachelorette party. Unfortunately for both groups, their lives intersect at the mysterious Clown Motel. What starts out as a party soon turns to terror as the angry and violent spirits of the clowns who once stayed there rise from the cemetery across the road.

The clowns are definitely not here to entertain you!

Honestly, this film looks like a total cheesefest, but I mean, would we expect anything less?

Check out the trailer below and decide for yourself whether you’ll check into the Clown Motel on June 4, 2019!

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