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Netlfix’s Animated ‘Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness’ Gets First Teaser

by Trey Hilburn III

Resident Evil is headed to Netflix. This time the film will be in CG animation and a little closer to the video games cut scenes. This joins Resident Evil CG animated films, Vendetta, Damnation and Degeneration in this approach.

Resident Evil Fans will be excited to know that Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy will be back for this chapter. Produced by TMS Entertainment is said to be the first chapter that “is unlike anything you have seen before.”

2002 introduced Resident Evil as a film franchise from Paul W.S. Anderson. That debut went on to spawn an entire franchise of films that were loosely based on events from the video games. Well, at least at one point they were. By the end of the film franchise the plot was pretty far divorced from anything the video games introduced.

Resident Evil 8: Village is on its way soon, and this might be nice tie in with that game if done right. For now, not much is known about the plot and the release date is set for 2021 but nothing outside of that.

Look, anything Resident Evil is pretty exciting. The fact that Infinite Darkness will bring back Claire and Leon in a new story is something that I’m definitely going to watch.

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