Vlad Cioplea

It’s often been said that Netflix never has any good horror movies. Maybe that’s because they wait for the ones they can put their label on.

Take for instance The Ritual which will premiere on the streaming service come February 9. The trailer was released on January 26, and in it we follow some college friends who are backpacking through Northern Europe in honor of a fallen friend.

One hiker appears to hurt his ankle which leads them to take a shortcut through the woods, but nothing good ever happens in the woods in a horror movie and in this case it may involve some sort of Norse legend.

The streaming giant has been in the news recently in regards to how they are buying up rights to mainstream blockbuster movies. Recent rumors have them acquiring the Cloverfield sequel, God Particle.

They’ve also purchased the rights to Natalie Portman monster flick Annihilation which will premiere on the service only a few weeks after its theatrical run.

For now, watch the trailer for their latest exclusive, The Ritual: