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Netflix’s ‘The Haunting’ will Return in 2020 with a Whole New Story

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Netflix and Mike Flanagan are diving, once again, into an historic work of paranormal fiction to bring a new chapter of The Haunting to the streaming service.

Last year, The Haunting of Hill House took genre fans by storm by exhuming the bones of Shirley Jackson’s classic novel and building a brand new story encompassing family dynamics, madness, and the effects of a dark and diabolical house on its inhabitants.

With a new teaser released today, it appears that Flanagan has chosen Henry James’ classic The Turn of the Screw for a new chapter in what will now be an anthology series.

For those unaware, The Turn of the Screw concerns a young governess hired to tend the orphan niece and nephew of a wealthy man who cannot take the time to do so himself. She travels to the countryside to Bly Manor to tend the children, Miles and Flora.

Soon, the children begin exhibiting strange behavior as ghosts from the past creep ever closer.

The beauty of the James novel is both its simplicity and the fact that it is so open for interpretation. One is never certain, when reading, if the governess is simply hallucinating or there are truly sinister forces at work around her, and multiple readings can lead to different interpretations.

It is perhaps, for this reason that Flanagan has chosen the story. It will be the latest in a long series of adaptations for radio, stage, television and film, including the incredible 1961 masterpiece The Innocents starring Deborah Kerr.

With its themes of family, sexuality, and hysteria, its seems a perfect pick for a new season of The Haunting.

Check out that teaser for The Haunting of Bly Manor below and stay tuned to iHorror for more details as they become available.

Waylon Jordan is a lifelong fan of genre fiction and film especially those with a supernatural element. He firmly believes that horror reflects collective fears of society and can be used as a tool for social change.