Netflix’s ‘Lucifer’ to End With Fifth and Final Season

Michael CarpenterTelevision NewsLeave a Comment

After three seasons and 57 episodes made, Fox canceled the DC Comics-based series Lucifer. However, fans were so vocally angry about the cancellation that Netflix soon stepped in to rescue Lucifer from the Hollywood netherworld, renewing it for season 4.

Lucifer’s 10-episode fourth season was released on May 8th, to positive reviews from both critics and fans. While Netflix doesn’t release viewership statistics, several sources suggest that season 4 was also one of the service’s most streamed things in May.

Unfortunately, as reported by Deadline, there’s now good news and bad news for Lucifer fans. The good news is that Netflix has renewed the series for a 10-episode fifth season. The bad news is that season 5 will be the final one. Talk about bittersweet.


Naturally, many Lucifer fans are already expressing their dismay over the show’s demise. That said, they should probably be thankful, as without Netflix, Lucifer would’ve suffered an unplanned death. Now, its creative team can craft a proper final season.

Without spoiling things for those not caught up, Lucifer season 4 ended on quite the interesting note, and looks to be setting up a fifth season truly unlike anything to come before it. If nothing else, this sure beats DC’s treatment of Swamp Thing.

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