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Netflix’s Bubbleboy based horror film, Eli is apparently scaring the crap out of people.

The film about a boy with an auto-immune disorder has folks shaking from either outright fear, or from how pissed they are about the ending. In fact, the ending seems to be the real demon in the room. But, I digress.

In Eli, the essential Bubbleboy, Eli is forced to interact with people as a form of therapy. Shortly thereafter, he begins to hallucinate.

As Twitter goes, people have started to Tweet that after watching the film they too have started having hallucinations and having experiences that mirror those that Eli has in the film.

Everyone seems to agree on one thing for sure. That the film goes from a normal supernatural movie to something that is entirely ‘Batshit!’

Have you guys seen Eli yet? Anyone have any strange experiences after? We are entirely curious. Let us know in the comments below. Cause, if people are seeing demons after a watch, we might need to go back and re-watch.

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