Netflix Summons Surprise Release of Paco Plaza’s ‘Veronica’

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Fresh off the heels of The Cloverfield Paradox, catching us off guard on Super Bowl Sunday, Netflix hits us with this surprise horror release. 

Veronica is [REC] director Paco Plaza’s newest horror film about a young women who’s under siege by an evil force after attempting to resurrect her dead father with a Ouija board. 

[REC] was a white-knuckle found footage film about a zombie outbreak in a quarantined apartment complex. Judging by the trailer for Veronica, Plaza isn’t letting up on the intensity.  

Netflix’s recent horror offerings have been all over the place in terms of quality with some impressive exclusives like Gerald’s Game and The Ritual pleasing genre fans, and disappointments like The Open House and The Cloverfield Paradox leaving audiences underwhelmed.

Will Veronica strengthen their horror library? Find out tonight on Netflix!