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New Netflix Series ‘Ghoul’ Releases This Week

by Tony Runco

Netflix and Blumhouse have teamed up to deliver their first Indian horror series titled Ghoul. While both companies have been branching out in the foreign film arena, Indian horror is still somewhat uncharted waters. With such massive successes as Paranormal Activity and Get Out, it’s no surprise that the streaming juggernaut is turning to Blumhouse Productions to churn out another low-budget horror hit.

Starring the young and talented Radhika Apte as Nida Rahim, the limited series is set in a remote military detention center which houses some of the most heinous terrorists. When a new prisoner arrives at the facility, played by Manav Kaul, he turns the tables on his interrogators, and exposes their most shameful secrets. After learning of an inhuman spirit lurking among the prisoners, Nida finds herself in a search for the truth and a fight for survival.

‘Ghoul’ via IMDB

Written and directed by Patrick Graham, Ghoul is set to be a three-episode series. Along with Blumhouse, it is co-produced with Ivanhoe and Indian production company, Phantom Films, who are responsible for the crime-drama series Sacred Games (which also features Radhika Apte).

The company advertised for the miniseries by painting a ghoul symbol across already existing billboards and posters of Sacred Games in India.

Check out the frightening trailer below, and be sure to tune in to Netflix on August 24th for the debut of Ghoul!

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