Netflix Likely to Rescue Dimension Films’ ‘Polaroid’ From the Void

Michael CarpenterMovie News1 Comment

The history of horror movies is littered with films that ended up sitting on a studio shelf for ridiculous amounts of time after they were completed. Once these films are finally released, sometimes it becomes obvious why they were delayed, because they suck.

Still, that’s not always the case. Famously, the now beloved Halloween-set anthology film Trick ‘r Treat spent a couple years sitting on Warner Bros.’ shelf before it was finally dumped directly to video. The Cabin in the Woods also sat for years before being rescued.

The latest long-delayed horror film set to finally receive a wide release is Polaroid, directed by Norwegian filmmaker Lars Klevberg, and based on his own short film. Production was completed by mid-2017, and the film was scheduled to be released on August 25th.

Polaroid - Image from 2017 Trailer

Unfortunately, Dimension then delayed the film’s release to December, then moved it up slightly to November, before removing it from the schedule entirely. Now, after nearly a year of silence, Deadline reports that Netflix is close to finalizing a deal to pick up the movie.

Polaroid’s plot revolves around an evil camera that causes bad things to happen to those it photographs, similar to the old Goosebumps story Say Cheese and Die. It’s unclear when exactly Polaroid will make its streaming debut on Netflix, should the deal be completed.

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