Netflix Renews ‘Black Mirror’ for Season 5

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I may have just been born at the right time, but as a child of the 90s, I love anthology TV shows. Whether they were more recent efforts like Tales from the Crypt, or classics like the original Twilight Zone, I lapped up every re-run on every cable channel I could find.

It makes sense really, as I love short stories, and the anthology show is basically a weekly short story. If you too love anthologies, you really should be watching Netflix’s Black Mirror, which originated in the U.K. before being picked up by the streaming giant.

Black Mirror - Title Card

While Black Mirror isn’t necessarily a “horror” series, it’s very dark sci-fi, and often incorporates elements that are nothing less than terrifying. One need only have seen episodes like “Play Test” or “White Bear” to know that much.

Just a few months after the successful release of Black Mirror’s acclaimed fourth season, Variety reports that Netflix has renewed the series for season 5. It’s not clear yet how many episodes the season will consist of, or when exactly it will air.

That said, based on past seasons, Black Mirror season 5 will likely arrive on the service near the end of 2018. For anyone not initiated, catch-up really isn’t hard, as the show has only so far produced a mere 19 episodes over its four prior seasons.

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