Netflix Officially Renews ‘Stranger Things’ for Season 3

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Hey, you, have you watched Stranger Things on Netflix? Provided you have a pulse, the answer is probably yes. If you don’t have a pulse, seek help, as you may in fact be a zombie or a vampire.

Anyway, after last year’s smash success of Stranger Things season 1, Netflix rolled out the marketing red carpet for the recently debuted season 2, turning it into arguably the biggest TV event of the year.

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While opinions vary on whether season 2 surpassed season 1, the majority of people seemed to find it to be another worthwhile journey into the small, seemingly cursed town of Hawkins, Indiana.

Variety now reports – to the shock of absolutely no one – that Netflix has officially renewed Stranger Things for a third season, presumably to arrive in 2018. It’s unclear exactly when in 2018 fans should expect the new season though, as season 1 premiered in the summer, and season 2 debuted on Halloween weekend.

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Also unclear is just how many episodes will comprise Stranger Things season 3. Season 1 was a neat and tidy eight episodes, while season 2 expanded things to nine. By that logic, season 3 might increase to ten, although it might be best creatively for the series to not stretch itself thinner.

Stranger Things creators the Duffer brothers have said in the past that they didn’t envision the series continuing past season 4, but we’ll see if they’re still ready to stick to that plan by the time season 4 is in production. Because really, there’s no reason not to expect Netflix to pick up season 4 as well.