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McG is a filmmaker with both an odd name and odd list of credits. He’s directed The Offspring’s video for Pretty Fly for a White Guy, both Charlie’s Angels movie, and even Terminator: Salvation. He’s also a producer on Supernatural.

One of his more well-received recent projects was 2017 Netflix horror film The Babysitter. Judah Lewis stars as a lonely 12-year-old who falls hard for his caregiver Samara Weaving, only to discover she’s a satanic cult member out to kill him.

Now, Production Weekly (with a hat tip toward Bloody Disgusting for spotting it first) lists McG as directing The Babysitter 2, with filming set to begin later this year. Netflix has yet to comment, but Production Weekly is a pretty reliable source.

As is seen in the above photo, Bella Thorne, Robbie Amell, Hannah Mae Lee, and Andrew Bachelor also starred. Obviously, not all those characters survived the first film, and it remains to be seen who will and won’t return to the cast.

Regardless of one’s opinion of The Babysitter’s quality, it’s never a bad thing when Netflix decides to make more original horror for its subscribers. Especially considering that they keep raising their prices lately. The least they can do is make more horror.