Netflix today releases a category, HALLOWEEN FAVORITES. So here is a list of the best horror films to watch for the 31 days in October, as we count down to the 31 days till Halloween. It’s a Halloween ‘Netathon’ of watching the scariest films on Netflix. You can jump in any day to watch these on the list and let others know your watching by using the hashtag #iHorror31 on your social medias. So grab and tell a friend, family member, or cuddle up with a lover and lets watch these films together out there in Netflixland. Let me know your watching these films at my twitter that is linked below.

Glenn Packard

Twitter: BOOitsGLENN

OCT. 1st 


Lets start day 1 off right with this gem, The TAKING OF DEBORAH LOGAN! This is a sleeper horror with a possession that has the horror community talking.

OCT. 2nd


Kristy is a great horror film of our time, that hasn’t been seen by a lot, but its one of the scariest films of this decade. It’s teen slasher at it’s best.

OCT. 3rd


Lets go zombie for day 3 with this great zombie horror WYRMWOOD. The horror from down under will get you all excited for your zombie fix. Not to mention there is a part 2 on its way!

OCT. 4th


On the 4th day of horror, I’m gonna give you a mainstream horror film that is a must watch if your a horror peep, FINAL DESTINATION 3. You don’t really need to have watch part 1 and 2 to jump into this franchise with this 3rd installment. Not to mention it has Mary Elizabeth Winstead from one of this years best horror films 10 Cloverfield Lane.

OCT. 5th


So day 5 I want to go totally warped and f*ucked up with this scary Foreign movie, BASKIN. When your dealing with hell and devil shit, that stuff can really get under your skin. Good luck trying to get thru this one, the ending just messes with your head.

OCT. 6th


Okay we are going to need to laugh a bit after yesterdays pick, so lets go with the scares and laughs from this great horror comedy TUCKER & TALE VS. EVIL. This horror film had me cracking up with some great gore and characters. 

OCT. 7th


For lucky number 7 I thought it would be appropriate to put this years big netflix horror hit HUSH. It was lucky enough to get some great buzz going around the horror scene, about this home invasion with a tough deaf final girl.

OCT. 8th


Let’s go total monster feature with this epic horror film THE HOST, if you haven’t seen this film your missing out, don’t let the cheesy dvd cover make you pass this up. Its so freakin good!

OCT. 9th


Horror fanatics have a love/hate relationship with this next movie, some people thought it was the scariest film, others thought it was a piece of garbage. Well myself and the critics seem to agree, this horror film was scary as hell and it’s here to stay as one of the scariest films in the 2000s.

OCT. 10th


I’m giving you vampires for the number 10 day, STAKELAND! And it’s a good one, great actors and some scary as hell vampires. Danielle Harris is part of this cast, so thats a bonus, not to mention the sequel comes out OCT. 15th on SyFy.


OCT. 11th


LAST SHIFT is another one of the horrors I call a ‘Netflix Horror Gem’, it’s one of the horror films nobody saw on video or theatrical but netflix gives it the audience it deserves. This is one spooky ghost story!

OCT. 12th


This takes that found footage horror and goes to the computer, as this young girl is stalked by someone on the other side of here computer camera. What Jaws did to swimming in the water, this horror has you shutting down your computer at night.

OCT. 13th


On the 13th I’m just gonna go totally morbid, with a double feature of THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 1 & 2, these are 2 films that will have you grossed out and spooked out of your mind. Make sure to not look for part 3, not my cup of centipede tea.

OCT. 14th


After the 13th we need some horror lovin, and ODD THOMAS is just that scary movie we will need, not only is the 2 leads casted perfectly, this horror film will tug at your heart strings a bit and you may see a horror tear come out.

OCT. 15th


I think we need a good horror Sci-fi next on the list and boy do I have a good one, EXTRATERRESTRIAL. I loved this horror movie, and they take the whole anal probe to whole other level. You don’t wanna miss this great flick.

OCT. 16th


For your 16th day I’m gonna go with a messed up foreign home invasion horror, that is shot incredible with only like 13 edits in the entire film, it’s film making at it’s best. This family goes thru it, and you feel like you are along for this twisted ride.

OCT. 17th


This slow burn ghost story is one of the best of its year it was released in 2015. It made my favorite list.

OCT. 18th


Take the popular game WOULD YOU RATHER and give it a horror twist, and this is exactly what you think would happen. How far would you go to get what you needed to win? Such a great scary movie to watch with friends.

OCT. 19th


Beyond any terror you have ever watch they say, well it was true when I was a young lad, and the new generation needs to make sure they see this demented twist on hell. You will have nightmares after this, just warning you now.

OCT. 20th


This clever horror was one of my favorites the year it came out, you will fall in love with the mother character, and the twist keep coming as your watching this film.


OCT. 21st


Since this is my lucky number, I’m gonna give you one of my favorites, WOLF CREEK 2, I just love this franchise and even the TV series, if you can find it, was so great. You don’t have to worry about seeing the 1st one to jump into this part 2. But I highly recommend watching it and the series.

OCT. 22nd


I’m going with another creature feature for the 22nd day, this film is not one to miss, don’t let it fool you, I think this film is on more of my list than any other scary movie, I guess it’s because it has it all. 

OCT. 23rd


This scary movie got me good, one of my favorites on the list, don’t miss this devilish film. It’s got all the evil you want to see. Brutal and creepy is the best words to describe LET US PREY.

OCT. 24th


I’m gonna give you another double feature with DEAD SNOW 1 & 2. It’s a zombiegasm of a good time, with the perfect mix of gore and scary all warped into this horror film.

OCT. 25th


This little indie horror was one of my favorites as well, I’m a slasher kinda horror guy. So when I saw this film I was in slasher heaven.

OCT. 26th


Remember when you thought cults were going to be a more serious scary thing? Well this film takes it there and makes you think about those cults all over again, such a great horror film in 2016.

OCT. 27th


How STRANGER THINGS took you down 80’s memory lane, TURBO KID will do just the same thing, in this gory sci-fi horror, you can not miss this gem of a movie, with amazing story telling and character, it needs to be on this list.

OCT. 28th


I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Devil and Hell movies freak me out, and HERE COMES THE DEVIL, does just that. This is one messed up scary movie.

OCT. 29th

I’m just going to say 0you’re welcome, since your going to be so happy you discovered this asian action horror film. You ever wonder where the idea of THE HUNGER GAMES came from, well now you know. Enjoy this LORD OF THE FLIES type of horror.

OCT. 30th


I have this great scary movie on the list, one of the best last year, THE HALLOW. Now please note, there is another film on Netflix call THE HOLLOW, do not mix them up. This is the one for you and make sure your watching in a dark quite room.

OCT. 31st


For Halloween and our last selection I’m gonna go with the UK zombie series, Dead Set. It’s The Walking Dead meets Big Brother! Not alot of people have seen this and you’re gonna be so glad you did, not to mention you get some extra days of Halloween into the month of November now, cuz there is a total of 5 episodes, each only around 24 minutes long…..HAPPY HALLOWEEN.