Netflix grabs ‘Green Room’ Dir. Jeremy Saulnier’s next project

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Director Jeremy Saulnier will follow up his hugely successful “Green Room” with a Netflix exclusive.

According to The Wrap the movie titled “Hold the Dark” will star Alexander Skarsgard, Jeffrey Wright, James Badge Dale, Riley Keough and James Bloor.

It’s based upon the novel of the same name by William Giraldi set in the Alaskan wilderness wherein a pack of wolves are picking off the local children.

Wright will play a biologist who must cope with a distraught family, while Dale and Skarsgard play a detective and father respectively; Keough playing the mother.

Alexander Skarsgard tapped to play an unstable father in Saulnier's "Hold the Dark

Bloor is cast as a “creepy drifter.”

Script writing duties will fall onto Macon Blair, who has worked with Saulnier before in his first feature “Blue Ruin.”

"Hold the Dark" by William Giraldi

The story centers around Vernon Slone (Skarsgard), who after arriving home and finding his son dead and his wife missing, goes on a trek to find her, leaving a bloody trail in his wake.

Russell Core (Wright) studies wolves and investigates their sudden bloodthirsty behavior and with the help of a local police detective try to locate the wife before Vernon can do further harm.

No details of when the film will be complete have been released.

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